Hi, we're MUZE.

We print fabrics for fashion and home decor industries.

Orders from 1 to 5000 meters and more

Prevent fabric overstock, making your business more sustainable. With no limits on how small or large your production targets are, we offer the best way to optimize your printed fabric inventory.

Wide range of fabrics to print on

From organic cotton to the most advanced technical fabrics, from finest chiffon to dense knits, from rough cotton canvas to stretchy lycra.

Wholesale discounts and flexible prices

Individual and flexible offer developed specifically to your needs.

MUZE is a European digital textile printing company based in Riga, Latvia. We offer digital fabric printing, sublimation printing, sampling and color matching, as well as development of pattern designs. We print on our own fabric or on fabric supplied by the customer.

Quick Inquiry

Do you want to know the possible cost of your project? Is it important to understand how long it will take to get your fabric shipped? Would you like to clarify the discount you get on the volume order? Write us a message and we will clarify all of these questions.

  • Individual and flexible offer developed specifically to your needs
  • Wholesale discounts for printing from 40 to 5000 meters and more
  • Fast turnaround